Are the cakes safe for all ages?

Absolutely. None of the cakes at Chocolate Umbrella are made with anything other than sweets. We do not use a polystyrene base and cocktail sticks to hold the sweets in place. They are deliberately made to be safe and fun for everyone so when you order a cake it will always just be full of yumminess.

I want to order a candy cake but they only eat chocolate?

Absolutely no problem, we are always sending out cakes just full of just yummy chocolately things.

I want the cake to be blue but I also want a mix of sweeties. Is this OK?

Of course its ok. The inside of our cakes are full of a big old mix up but we can decorate and colour theme the outside to look exactly how you want it and the topping can just be green or pink and purple if you like. We have made a cake for a footie fan in black and white only but this big beefy man only eats pink shrimps so the inside was just full of pink and no-one knew!

Can I use the sparklers and fountains indoors?

Both sparklers and fountains are for use indoors and many of our customers take them to restaurants without any problems at all. However, please remember that they are sparklers and therefore small children need to be kept at a safe distance so as not to put out a hand and try to touch the sparkler/fountain.

I want a different message on my tag, is this possible?

As long as the message is not too long, we will try and write your special message. Often we have thank you for coming to my sleepover/christening, so please just write your special message on the contact section or email/call us to confirm exactly what you want.

What if I want a mix of girl and boy party bags?

Not a problem, just select how many of each colour you want and leave the rest to us and we will pop some pretty girly bits or jelly worms and footballs in the relevant party bags for you.

My party guests are only 3-4 years old what will the sweets be ok for them?

All our party bags are mixed jellies, chews and chocolates, but if you have very young children, please ensure you let us know on the contact box the age range and we will make sure the bags are filled with foamy, soft jelly and chocolatey sweeties.

My party guests are 12 and 13!  Aren’t the bags and cones a bit young for them?

We cater for all ages, even dinner party guests enjoy our cones and kebabs. But if you want us to add some sour fizzies or some ever popular bubble gum tattoos then please just let us know and we will happily fill them with something age appropriate.

I would like to order just the pink cup-cake fabric bags please. Can I do this?

Unfortunately, we have a large range of stripes, dots and cakes and we will send out an equal mix of all of them as we cannot guarantee a stock of just pink cake bags! We can assure you that they are all lovely, and in the past everyone has loved whichever bag they receive. If you want for example 4 boy fabric bags, we will ensure they receive blue strips or gingham though! Just pop your request on the contact page or email/call us.

I want to place my order now, but the party is not until next month.

Just let us know when ordering on the website and we will send out your order in time for the party. All our sweet bags and cakes are made fresh so the shelf life on the sweeties is usually upwards of 6 months ! Once the items have been made into cakes we know and have tested that they are good for a minimum of 2 months and actually more. Just keep your items in a cool place away from direct sunlight, radiators or damp and they will be perfect. If you have any sweeties left over, just pop them in an air tight container and you can continue to enjoy.

I have an idea ....

We try to take on any challenges whether it's massive walnut whips or your logo recreated out of 50 different sweets. Ring us and we can talk through ideas and see if we can make it for you! Ring 01732 522 533 and ask for Suzanne our resident chocolatier