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The Chocolate Umbrella

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

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Want to get someone a Sweetie Cake, but they don't like sweets? Then this Chocolate (Sweet) Cake is perfect! Instead of being filled with sweets, it's filled with chocolate yumminess and topped with our delicious handmade truffles.

Our three standard sizes are perfect for any occasion, but for something extra special just give us a call and we will happily create your dream cake filled with all your favourites.

Please note that actual contents may vary according to availability, however, content weight/value will always remain consistent. We make the Chocolate (Sweet) Cake by hand with handmade truffles, so please give us a bit of notice if you need it by a certain day.

May include toffee crumble, chocolate raisins, honeycomb bites, fudge crunch, chewy nuts, vanilla fudge, chocolate fudge, caramels, ice cups, salted caramel and a selection of our handmade truffles.

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